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Early Years - Reception Class

"In faith and love, we learn and grow." 

Please click here for EYES Curriculum Map 2023-24. 

Core Texts and Topics of Enquiry

Topic Enquiry
Autumn 1

I wonder what makes me so special and unique?

All about me: what makes me special and unique?



How have I changed from when I was born?








Who is in my family?

I wonder which special people can help us?

Who are the people who can help us?


How can I keep myself safe?

I wonder how other people’s lives can be different to ours?


A child’s life in South Africa – similarities and differences?





Why was Nelson Mandela so special and how did he change the world?

Autumn 2

I wonder what emotions are and how they affect us?

Why do I feel this way and what can I do about it?




I wonder what things were like in the past?

How have shoes/ shoemaking/ shoe shops changed over time?

How have teddy bears and toys changed over time?

I wonder what materials are and how we can use them?

How can materials be different?

What are bridges for? How can we make a strong bridge?

I wonder how our Christmas cards get delivered?

How does the postal system work?






Spring 1

I wonder how the food we eat changes?

What happens on a farm?

How is flour made?

How is bread made?

How is our local environment different from a more rural environment?

How has farming changed through time?

What is Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year and how is it celebrated?













What foods grow in different parts of the world?

How does Kenya compare to the UK?

What should we eat to stay healthy?

How do we take good care of our teeth?

Spring 2

I wonder how time passes?


What is the difference between day and night?

What are the days of the Week?

What are the months of the year?

What are the seasons?

How does the weather and how do seasons change?

I wonder what spring is like?

What are the signs of spring? What happens during spring?





What are plants? What parts do plants have? What do plants need to grow?

Summer 1

I wonder what lives in the garden?

What are spiders?

How do spiders help us?

What is a habitat?

What is the life cycle of a butterfly?

What do we know about caterpillars and butterflies?

What is special about worms?

How do worms do to help us?

Summer 2

I wonder what it is like under the sea?

What are oceans and seas? Where can we find them?

What lives in the ocean?

Why are oceans important? How do humans affect oceans? What can we do to protect oceans?

What do we know about starfish?

What do we know about an octopus?

How can we perform a poem in an interesting way?


Visit from Woking Fire and Rescue 

Maths Overview                                                                

We use the White Rose Maths Scheme of Learning for Reception:

White Rose Maths Unit and Content


Just Like Me!

Match and Sort

Compare Amounts

Compare Size, Mass and Capacity

Explore Pattern

It’s Me 1, 2, 3!

Representing 1, 2 and 3

Comparing 1, 2 and 3

Composition of 1, 2 and 3

Circles and Triangles

Positional Language

Light and Dark

Representing Numbers to 5

One More or Less

Shapes with 4 sides

Time – Night and Day


Alive in 5!

Introducing Zero

Comparing Numbers to 5

Composition of 4 and 5

Compare Mass

Compare Capacity

Growing 6, 7, 8

6, 7, 8

Combining 2 amounts

Making pairs

Length and Height


Building 9 and 10

Counting to 9 and 10

Comparing Numbers to 10

Bonds to 10

3D Shapes

Spatial Awareness



To 20 and Beyond

Build numbers Beyond 10

Count Patterns Beyond 10

Spatial Reasoning

Match, Rotate, Manipulate

First, Then, Now

Adding More

Taking Away

Spatial Reasoning

Compose and Decompose

Find My Pattern


Sharing and Grouping

Even and Odd

Spatial Reasoning

Visualise and Build

On the Move!

Deepening Understanding

Patterns and Relationships

Spatial Mapping


‘Remembrance’ and what it means to wear a poppy 

Religious Education


Trip to Pizza Express 


PSHE - Jigsaw
RHE - Journey in Love
Autumn Term
Being Me in My World The Wonder of Being Special and Unique
  Celebrating Difference  
Spring Term
Dreams and Goals The Wonder of Being Special and Unique
  Healthy Me  
Summer Term
Relationships The Wonder of Being Special and Unique

What do Paramedics do?