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School Lunches



Reception, Years 1&2 – Universal Free School meals

Under the Government’s current Universal Free School meals scheme, all children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to daily free school meals.

For years 3,4,5 and 6 the cost of a meal is £2.70 per day (2023/24)

School meals are prepared onsite by Twelve15.  Menus and additional information about special diets can be found under the following link-

Lunches for children in KS1 and KS2 need to be ordered in advance, online via Scopay (  It is helpful if meal choices are selected for the whole of a half term, however they can be booked on a weekly basis.

Coronation Lunch


For children in KS1 and those who receive free school meals there is no need to have credit on their Scopay account, their meal choice for each day just needs to be made.

For children in KS2 lunches must be paid for in advance.

If a child is absent this will be recorded on Scopay and a credit will be made to their Scopay account for any meals paid for whilst they are off school.

How to make meal selections and payment:

– Login to Scopay

– If in KS2 ensure that you have credit on your account.

– To add funds click on the button ‘Make Payment’ and add some money

– Click on ‘Order Meals’

– Select the day you want to order and click on the button below the date

– There will be two options:

1) No choice for this day
2) M – pupil meal
3) V – vegetarian option

– Click on your choice and click ok

– If a meal is booked a purple M will show in the box below the date

– To cancel a meal click on ‘No choice for this day’ and this will remove the purple M or V (This cannot be done on the day of the booking or once the day has passed e.g. if a child is absent.  The school office can amend)

There is a guide for parents/carers at the following link:

Absences & Medical Appointments 

If your child has school lunches and will be absent on a particular day, please inform the school office by 9.30am and we will cancel their school lunch order for that day. Regrettably after this deadline, we cannot offer a refund as the kitchen will have started preparations for the day.

 Pupil Premium & Free School Meals 

If you believe that your child could be entitled to free school meals (due to special circumstances e.g low income) please contact the school office for a Pupil Premium application form or download the form here.

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