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St Hugh of Lincoln Curriculum

Everything we do in school is underpinned by our mission statement: in faith and love we learn and grow.  Our curriculum intent and vision flows from this and is underpinned by the teaching of British values. Our curriculum aims to equip children with a strong foundation of academic, spiritual and personal knowledge and qualities to allow them to succeed in education, enabling them to access the widest possible range of choices to improve their future life chances.  Our implementation statement shows how we deliver our intent.  Our impact statement sets out what success looks like.

Mission Statement

In faith and love we learn and grow.

Our Intent and Vision

           Faith                                    Love                                  Learn                                 Grow

Catholic faith: Children develop a rich and deepening understanding of the Catholic faith.

Self: Children know how to look after their mental health and wellbeing

Knowledge: Children are able to access an ambitious body of knowledge from their long term memory

Brave: Children are brave learners who take a risk and value mistakes

Gospel values: Children understand and live the Gospel values

School: Children are compassionate towards other members of the school community

Vocabulary: Children develop a rich vocabulary which they can apply orally and in writing

Confident: Children develop a growing self confidence

Other faiths: Children develop an understanding of and respect other faiths

Community: Children show love and respect for the wider community

Reading: Children become proficient readers with a love of reading and books

Resilient: Children are resilient and don’t give up when things get challenging

Service: Children understand the concept of service and actively demonstrate it

Planet: Children are environmentally aware and show love for the planet

Behaviour: Children develop excellent behaviour for learning and metacognitive skills

Cultural capital: Children access an enriched curriculum to grow their cultural capital

 British Values

Mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs

Rule of law


Individual liberty

 Our Implementation and Impact



Catholic faith:  Come and See scheme of work, strong link with the church, Catholic life of the school

Self: Zones of regulation, emotion coaching, ELSA, wellbeing surveys, PSHE / RSHE curriculum

Knowledge: Sequenced schemes of work, low sensory learning environment, cognitive science

Brave: Celebrate learning from mistakes. Reward effort. No hands up strategy.

Gospel values: Value of the week, constant modelling

School: School rules, behaviour policy, modelling, PSHE and RE curriculum

Vocabulary: Implicit and explicit teaching of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary. Wellcomm, Elklan

Confident: public speaking and performances. Roles and responsibilities.

Other faiths:  Other faith weeks, diverse calendar of celebrations

Community: Strong links with parish, charitable acts, community Mass

Reading: Read, Write Inc phonics, rich texts, library service, storytime, reading ambassadors

Resilient: Growth mindset, feedback

Service:  Children have roles of service within school eg peer mediators, buddies

Planet: Eco council, Laudato Si’, science and geography curriculum

Behaviour: Ready, respectful, safe rules, postcards home, consistent expectations

Cultural capital: Focus on vocabulary acquisition, trips, visits and speakers

Implementation of British Values

Mutual respect and tolerance for different faiths: RE curriculum, worship

Rule of law: PSHE curriculum, school rules

Democracy: PSHE curriculum, school council, voting

Individual liberty: PSHE curriculum

Our Impact

           Faith                                    Love                                  Learn                                 Grow

Children who are spiritually literate

Responsible, respectful and compassionate citizens

Successful learners who maximise their academic potential and enjoy learning

Children with the personal qualities to succeed in whatever they choose to do