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Catholic Life


We believe that our school is a very special place and that our faith is what makes it so special.  We often welcome visitors, but this very special letter we received from a member of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph sums up how we want everyone who visits us to feel:

 “I think what really struck me, as a former Religious Studies teacher for a decade in Catholic schools, is that the Catholic ethos of the school could be absorbed as we walked around the school.  It wasn't so much the amazing, inspirational artwork, or anything that could be pointed to psychically, but it was just something I could really feel.  The Holy Spirit is present in your school.  What a real gift that is for you all.  Concerning your staff, I cannot speak highly enough of the witness of charity which you gave us.  Your open, friendly manner and genuine love for your students was something which really touched us.  Your school is a school wherein your students are known and loved and cherished as individuals and valued as unique gifts from the Lord.”

Ash Wednesday