We warmly encourage parents to visit our school in order to find out more about us.  Parents are welcome to visit on one of our Open Mornings or Open Afternoons (held in the Autumn term each year – see dates below), or by appointment with the school office.  Such visits are not obligatory and do not form part of the process of deciding which children are to be offered a place at the school.

8th October 2019 – 9:30am

13th November 2019 – 1:30pm

Our pupils primarily live in the parish of St Hugh of Lincoln, Knaphill, but we welcome applications from beyond these boundaries too. The parish boundaries are shown on the parish map.

St Hugh of Lincoln has a Published Admissions Number (PAN) of 30, with the expectation that there will be 30 pupils per class. Very occasionally, in Key Stage 2, governors may exercise their discretion to admit additional pupils above the limit of 30 in a class.

Admissions to Reception Year

We operate under the local authority’s coordinated admissions scheme. It is the responsibility of the school’s governors to determine the school’s admission policy, in conjunction with the Diocese.

When applying for a place at St Hugh’s it is essential that the local authority part of the applications process is completed, and that a supplementary information form is provided to the school in the case of baptised Catholic children or practising members of other churches.

Admissions other than at the start of Reception Year

Occasionally, vacancies arise mid-year and in all year groups. We keep a waiting list.  Please address all enquiries to Mrs Copeman, our Admissions Officer, in our school office.  Applicants for admission other than at the start of Reception Year are required to complete a Surrey In-Year Application Form, which can be found here.  In the event of there being more applications than available spaces then the school’s oversubscription criteria (within the admissions policy in force for the current academic year at the time of admission) is applied.

The school’s Admissions Policy and Supplementary Information Form can be obtained by following the links below:

Admissions policy 2018-2019

Supplementary Information Form 2018-2019

Admissions policy 2019-2020

Supplementary Information Form 2019-2020

Admissions policy 2020-2021

Supplementary Information Form 2020-2021