Year 1 Curriculum

In Faith and Love, We Learn and Grow. 


Maths mastery is the core of our learning approach at St Hugh of Lincoln. We use the Power Maths scheme of work to deliver a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of the National Curriculum. Power Maths is a UK curriculum mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and nurture confidence in maths. … Built around a child‑centred lesson design that models and embeds a growth mindset approach to maths and focuses on helping all children to build a deep understanding of maths concepts.

Autumn TermUnit 1: Numbers to Ten
Unit 2: Part-whole within 10
Unit 3: Addition and Subtraction within 10
Unit 4: Addition and subtraction within 10 (2)
Unit 5: 2D and 3D shapes
Unit 6: Numbers to 20
Spring TermUnit 7: Addition within 20
Unit 8: Subtraction within 20
Unit 9: Numbers to 50
Unit 10: Introducing length and height
Unit 11: Introducing Weight and Volume
Summer TermUnit 12: Multiplication
Unit 13: Division
Unit 14: Halves and Quarters
Unit15: Position and Direction
Unit 16: Numbers to 100.

English Learning

English at St Hugh of Lincoln is based upon the recognition of the role of outstanding English texts in garnering interest and engagement with learning across reading, writing and the spoken word. Using a range of classic texts as inspiration, we aim to develop confidence in reading and oracy, and writers who feel there is a value, a purpose and a beauty in what they write. A typical learning journey starts with a in-depth look at an outstanding text. Every week typically features an extended write supplemented by Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar learning.

 TermTitle and AuthorKey Themes
Autumn TermPumpkin Soup - Helen Cooper
After the Storm - Nick Butterworth
Superworm - Julia Donaldson
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark - Jill Tomlinson
On Sudden Hill – Linda Davis and Benji Davies
The Snowman - Raymond Briggs
The Ice Bear – Jackie Morris
Winter’s Child – Angela McAllister
• Friendship
• The Passing of Time/The Seasons
Spring TermWhere The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak
Wild - Emily Hughes
Beegu - Alexis Deacon
Grace and Family by Mary Hoffman
• Imagination
• Loss
• Family
Summer TermOssiri and the Bala Mengo - Richard O’Neill/Katherine Quarmby
The Selfish Giant – Oscar Wilde
The Hodgeheg – Dick King Smith
• Travellers
• Friendship
• Relationship with nature


RE Learning

At St. Hugh of Lincoln Primary School we have adopted ‘Come and See,’ the Religious Education programme supported by the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Central to the programme is Christian belief in Jesus Christ, His Word and Revelation of God.

Autumn TermUnit 1: Families
Unit 2: Belonging
Other World Faiths: Judaism
Unit 3: Waiting
Spring TermUnit 4: Special People
Unit 5: Meals
Unit 6: Change
Summer TermUnit 7: Holidays and Holydays
Unit 8: Being Sorry
Other World Faiths: Hinduism
Unit 9: Neighbours


Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Relationship and Health Education Learning

 PSHE - JigsawRHE - Journey in Love
Autumn TermBeing Me in My World We Meet God's Love in Our Family
Celebrating Differences
Spring TermDreams and Goals
We Meet God's Love in Our Family
Healthy Me
Summer TermRelationships We Meet God's Love in Our Family


Other Curriculum Subjects 

 Cycle A
Autumn Term
Cycle A
Spring Term
Cycle A
Summer Term
Cycle B
Autumn Term
Cycle B
Spring Term
Cycle B
Summer Term
ScienceEveryday Materials
Animals including HumansAnimals Including HumansLiving Things and Their Habitats

Living Things and Their HabitatsPlants
HistoryStevenson, Transport and Brookland MuseumEvents Beyond Living Memory: Great Fire of LondonSignificant Individuals: Grace O'MalleyRemembrance and WW1 in WokingSignificant Individuals: Florence NightingaleEvents Beyond Living Memory - Brunel and Bridges
GeographySeven ContinentsOceans and SeasTBCVillages, Towns and Cities.Visiting BrazilLondon in the United Kingdom
ArtFormal Elements (Year 1)
Shape, Line and Colour
At the Seaside Comic and SuperheroesFormal Elements (Year 1)
Shape, Line and Colour
Living ThingsHuman Form
Formal Elements (Year 2) - Pattern, Texture and ToneFormal Elements (Year 2) - Pattern, Texture and Tone
Foreign LanguagesMinimus LatinMinimus LatinMinimus LatinMinimus LatinMinimus LatinMinimus Latin
ComputingGooseberry Planet Online Safety: Playground. Grouping and SortingCodingPictogramsAnimated Story BooksQuestioning
Technology Outside the ClassroomLego Builders Creating PicturesMaze ExplorersSpreadsheetsEffective Searching
Bee BotsMaking MusicWord ProcessingPresenting Ideas
Coding Animate Story Books