School Council

Our School Council consists of elected representatives from each of Years 1-6.  Elections take place in September each year and a term of office is one academic year.

The School Council meets regularly with one of the members of the school’s Senior Leadership Team: Mrs Harper, Mrs Grace or Mrs Rose.  Over the course of the year the School Council is involved in a number of initiatives all designed to improve the school and the school’s participation in the community.

In the last twelve months our School Council has:

worked with school leadership to establish ‘St Hugh’s Choose …’ – behaviours we expect of all children in the school;

worked with school leadership to review the school’s anti-bullying policy;

made decisions on fund-raising initiatives for the school to support;

helped organise an NSPCC danceathon;

monitored the prayer focus areas in all of the classrooms;

helped lead assemblies and collective worship;

represented the school by welcoming visitors.