Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement is presented in the form of a picture.  It is unique, and is instantly recognisable by all in our school family as our Mission Statement.

The two children are placed in the hands of God.  There is a boy and a girl, representing all of the boys and girls in our school.  They are the same size.  No-one in our school family is more important than anybody else, and the school is all about the children.

On the intersection of the horizontal and vertical planks of the cross there is a heart.  This is a reminder of the love that God has for each of us, and also of the love that we must show to one another.

The two swans are symbols representing our patron, St Hugh.

There are not many words on our Mission Statement.  Those that there are have meaning.  ‘Growing Together in Faith’ is a reminder that we do not live our faith in isolation, but we are one with others in our school community.  Our school life is founded on love of God and of one another.  ‘Working for Success’ is a reminder that we are striving for excellence in all that we do – in our academic learning, in our friendships, in our behaviour, in our confidence, in our expressiveness.