This page contains links to a number of documents providing information about the curriculum at St Hugh of Lincoln.  Further information about the curriculum taught in any class is available from the relevant classteacher.

The curriculum for pupils at our school covers all activities that are designed to promote their spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  Curriculum provision is in accordance with National Curriculum Orders, with the content of the Religious Education document being taken from the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, taught through the Come and See scheme. Curriculum delivery ensures that account is taken of pupils’ individual needs.

All children’s work is assessed on a regular basis by both staff and pupils and interim termly reports in the autumn and spring are sent to parents, prior to consultation and target setting meetings with them. In addition, an annual report is made to parents at the end of the summer term.

Each year group follows the core curriculum subjects of Religious Education (RE), Maths, English and Science, plus the foundation subjects of History, Geography, Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Music and Physical Education; also Modern Foreign Languages for Key Stage 2, and Personal, Social and Health Education. Most areas of the curriculum are taught as discrete subjects, although there are opportunities for cross-curricular delivery e.g. English through historical study. A variety of educational styles and strategies are used, ranging from work with the whole class to group work and work with individual children.

EYFS curriculum map

Year 1 curriculum map

Year 2 curriculum map

Year 3 curriculum map

Year 4 curriculum map

Year 5 curriculum map

Year 6 curriculum map

English statement

EYFS statement

Mathematics statement

Mathematics end of Year 1 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 2 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 3 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 4 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 5 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 6 expectations

Mathematics progression in calculations booklet

Art curriculum map

DT curriculum map

English curriculum map

French curriculum map

Geography curriculum map

History curriculum map

Maths curriculum map

Music curriculum map

PE curriculum map

PSHE curriculum map

RE curriculum map

Science curriculum map

Spelling and Handwriting curriculum map

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation curriculum map