This page contains links to a number of documents providing information about the curriculum at St Hugh of Lincoln.  Further information about the curriculum taught in any class is available from the relevant classteacher.

The curriculum covers all planned learning opportunities at our school.  The curriculum at St Hugh of Lincoln is underpinned by the school’s Mission Statement and Values, which are themselves rooted in the school’s Catholic identity.

At St Hugh of Lincoln we are committed to ensuring that the curriculum is broad and balanced, in order that the needs of all children are provided for.  We aim to make provision for children to ‘work for success’ (School Mission Statement) in its fullest sense: academic achievement and spiritual, social, moral, cultural, physical and creative development.

Whilst the principles behind curriculum planning must always reflect the school’s identity, the content of the curriculum itself is expected to be dynamic, as the curriculum is reviewed in the light of experience, both within and outside the school, and the needs of individual learners and groups of learners.

As a school within the Xavier Catholic Education Trust, we are committed to sharing our best practice and knowledge with colleagues, and to being receptive to learning from the best practice and knowledge of others.  This helps to ensure that our curriculum is dynamic, and is informed by what has been proven to have had a positive impact on pupil learning.

At St Hugh of Lincoln children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are taught the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum (2014).  Religious Education is taught in accordance with the requirements of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory (2012).  The school’s curriculum has been added to in order to create a local curriculum, which recognises the context of the school and the needs of the learners within it.

Curriculum design and implementation within the school recognises and respects differences to create an all-inclusive learning atmosphere.

At St Hugh of Lincoln we recognise that the most effective learning takes place through memorable experiences in stimulating environments, and makes use of the full school environment, educational visits and the expertise of the wider community.


EYFS curriculum map

Year 1 curriculum map

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English statement

EYFS statement

Mathematics statement

Maths Annual Overview Year 1

Maths Annual Overview Year 2

Maths Annual Overview Year 3

Maths Annual Overview Year 4

Maths Annual Overview Year 5

Maths Annual Overview Year 6

Mathematics end of Year 1 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 2 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 3 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 4 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 5 expectations

Mathematics end of Year 6 expectations

Mathematics progression in calculations booklet

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Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation curriculum map

2018-2019 Year 3 Meet the Teacher presentation

2018-2019 Year 4 Meet the Teacher presentation

2018-2019 Year 5 Meet the Teacher presentation

2018-2019 Year 6 Meet the Teacher presentation